Mar. 2017- Jan. 2021

3 years and 11 months

Laboratorio 9x18 / RESEARCHER

Researcher and management support for research projects on neighborhood regeneration and social housing projects.

Research cluster that explores processes of growth of the city “inward”, recycling urban land without expelling its residents, integrating the logic of family organization and enhancing the collective dimension of housing and its capacity to produce the city. 


Municipal management support model for the regeneration of 9x18 neighbourhoods

RESEARCHER Laboratorio 9x18 PUC


Housing, citizenship and aspirations: neoliberalism, people’s self-production and politics of daily life in Greater Santiago

RESEARCH ASSISTANT At research project “Ethnographies of neoliberalism and aspiration”  

Focus group with close families living with the owners of the land to study the willingness to build family condominiums.


Representation of different scales of common neighbourhood concern. Introduction of the “ vecinal piece “ in the plans of neighborhood regeneration.



TEACHER ASSISTANT Master in Sociology PUC 


Towards a comprehensive urban-housing regeneration model with densification in 9×18 neighborhoods / Hacia un modelo integral de regeneración urbano-habitacional con densificación en barrios tipo 9×18.

Tapia, R., Araos, C., Forray, R., Gil, D., y Muñoz, S. (2020). En: Centro de Políticas Públicas UC (ed.) Propuestas para Chile. Concurso de Políticas Públicas 2019. Santiago: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, pp. 319-351.



City dreams. Construction of imaginaries from experiential participation



Work on a model of neighbourhood densification on cubes representing housing, services and green areas. 

Weekly university class in the field. Group work at the neighbourhood’s headquarters after making a diagnosis in houses with neighbours.


Towards a comprehensive urban-housing regeneration model with densification in 9x18 neighborhoods

RESEARCHER  Laboratorio 9x18 PUC

Group training with older adults for design work with a model representing prefabricated adaptable housing. Then we would work with each family in particular.

Mar. 2017- Mar. 2019

2 years and 1 months


From the roots of Joao Goulart together to the progress of tomorrow

ARCHITECT  House Improvement Program, Line of Community Projects in Housing Precariousness NGO Fundación Vivienda.


The extraordinary of everyday life: Regeneration of 9x18 Neighborhood  

DESIGNER XXI Biennial, Santiago Chile “Free Architecture Fair. The common and the ordinary“

NGO Fundación Vivienda


Designer and project manager of permanent housing, emergency houses and community intervention projects, developing diagnostics and participatory research.

Private and non-profit organization with 53 years serving vulnerable families, helping to solve their housing problem, promoting habitat as a fundamental right in integrated and equitable cities. 

Construction of a wood prefabricated emergency house. For families in precarious housing in the metropolitan area of Santiago.


Training on Small Condominium Subsidy and its context for neighborhood leaders of the National Federation of Settlers FENAPO

FACILITATOR Laboratorio 9x18.


Towards a post-neoliberal policy of neighborhood regeneration of the pre-dictatorship in Chile / Hacia una política posneoliberal de regeneración de barrios de la predictadura en Chile

Rosanna Forray, Sebastián Muñoz.  COLLOQUE INTERNATIONAL:  Habiter les villes latino-américaines : Nouvelles approches et interdisciplinarité dans les recherches urbaines,  17 et 18 octobre 2019,Paris. Centre de Recherche sur l’Habitat Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture

Location of neighborhoods 9x18 with respect to the Metro de Santiago transport system (Fundación Vivienda, 2018) in "Lots 9×18 - A new opportunity in housing policy".

Workshop on the design of social housing adaptations with a tactile model for a blind couple.To qualify for complementary state subsidy.


Interinstitutional Roundtable for Neighborhood Regeneration 9x18 



Densification on Own Sites “La Granja” Definitive Housing Line 

ARCHITECT NGO Fundación Vivienda.

Neighborhood scenarios for the Santiago Architecture Biennial. 

Dismantling an old house together with homeowners and volunteers in partnership with schools and private enterprise


State Subsidized Housing Project Paine Definitive Housing Line 

ARCHITECT NGO Fundación Vivienda.


House evaluation of families of the Emergency Housing Line 

ARCHITECT & RESEARCHER  NGO Fundación Vivienda. 


Training for institutional construction of emergency houses 

ARCHITECT  NGO Fundación Vivienda. 

Session of the Interinstitutional Roundtable for Neighborhood Regeneration 9x18


Union for Progress: Los Álamos + Santa Raquel

ARCHITECT  Home Improvement Program,  Line of Community Projects in Housing Precariousness NGO Fundación Vivienda.



Mixed Methods in Social Research Diploma



The house we dream of 

FACILITATOR & RESEARCHER Workshop with residents for the project “Pilot Project for Urban Regeneration of the 9x18 neighborhood”

Universidad Alberto Hurtado; Santiago, Chile. 

Study of the dynamics of the use of the home by the couple of the prostrate elderly and their caregiver. In the Healthy Habitat course.


Lots 9×18 - A new opportunity in housing policy.  / El lote 9x18 – Una nueva oportunidad en la política habitacional. 

Sebastián Muñoz, Juan Correa. (2018). En Intersecciones proceedings(1143-1148). Santiago de Chile: Felipe Encinas, Gonzalo Arce, Pablo Fuentes.


University campus puzzle to be put together as a group against the clock, which will then be worked on in a guided tour of the campus. 


Proposals for urban renewal in residential neighborhoods of the 9×18 type in Santiago de Chile / Propuestas para la renovación urbana en barrios residenciales del tipo 9×18 en Santiago de Chile. 

Rodrigo Tapia, Sebastián Muñoz, Francisco Walker. (10 septiembre 2018). Limaq, 4, 165-191.


Workshop with demountable models to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different building typologies with extended households.

Guidance and participative decision making with extended households living in precarious housing, on 1 or 2 floor typologies for on-site densification.


Urban regeneration in pericentral areas: Micro-densification pilot in 9×18 neighborhoods / Regeneración urbana en zonas pericentrales: Piloto de Micro-densificación en Barrios 9×18. 

Rodrigo Tapia, Cristián Robertson, José Di Girolamo, Andrea Urbina, Sebastián Muñoz, Francisco Walker. (2018). En Intersecciones proceedings (1114-1121). Santiago de Chile: Felipe Encinas, Gonzalo Arce, Pablo Fuentes.

RFORRAY Fig4.jpg

Genograph and occupation of the house by an extended family, together with the productive activities developed inside the house.

Post interview with neighbourhood leaders five years after the closure of the “Quiero mi Barrio” programme. 


Teaching, Research and Project at the service of Urban Regeneration and Public Policies / Docencia, Investigación y Proyecto al servicio de la Regeneración Urbana y las Políticas Públicas

Rodrigo Tapia, Sebastián Muñoz, Andrea Urbina, Francisco Walker. XIV Congreso de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Escuelas de Urbanismo y Planificación: Las Universidades Latinoamericanas y la Nueva Agenda Urbana Santiago de Chile, Campus Lo Contador Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 22-23-24 de Agosto 2018



Mar. 2015- Feb. 2017

2 years



Research assistant and management support in research projects on housing indicators, vulnerable neighbourhoods and sustainability.

Built Environment Cluster of the Center for Sustainable Urban Development. Research centre that seeks to contribute to the debate on the main urban sustainability challenges that Chilean cities face in the twenty-first century.


Energy Efficiency Manual for Emergency Homes of Fundación Vivienda

ARCHITECT COUNTERPART.  NGO Fundación Vivienda, Positive Planet international and Foundatión ENGIE. 


Healthy habitat 

TEACHER ASSISTANT Architecture and Medicine PUC


Spanish teacher for Haitians Immigrants. 

TEACHER Migrant jesuit service.

Introductory lesson on neighbourhood and urban planning for students of Year 8 Key Stage 3.


Network of Study Centers in Sustainable Urban Development in Latin America and the Caribbean-REDEUS 



Sustainability at neighborhood scale: Re-visiting Quiero mi Barrio program



Focus group with close families living with the owners of the land to study the willingness to build family condominiums.


Urban regeneration and densification of lots 9x18: preliminary project in the nighbourhood of La Faena, Peñalolén

RESEARCHER carried out by the Center for Public Policies for the CEHU Housing Studies Commission of MINVU.

Collage as one of the initial activities with families of the community project to open imaginaries about improvements in the neighborhood


Habitability in Vulnerable Territories 


Instruction on expansion possibilities for recent owners of subsidized rural social housing.


Pilot project of family condominiums in 9×18 sites / Proyecto piloto en Condominios familiares en sitios 9×18. 

Rodrigo Tapia, Carolina Salinas, Daniella Innocenti, Pía Mora, Sebastián Muñoz, Francisco Walker. (2016). En Intersecciones proceedings(529-533). Santiago de Chile: Felipe Encinas, Andrea Weschler.

Neighborhood planning design with children of Year 9 Key Stage 3. 


Knowing and building my neighborhood 

TEACHER The Center for the Study and Development of Talent, Year 8 Key Stage 3 PENTA UC.


Mar. 2013- Feb.2015

2 years

Architecture Faculty PUC


Research assistant in research projects on: social housing and interdisciplinary teaching on work in vulnerable neighbourhoods.

The Faculty of Architecture of PUC was created in 1894 becoming the first formal school in the country. Today it is ranked 1st in Latin America according to QS World University Rankings 2019.


Advantages and conditions of the implementation of the state subsidy for the construction of a family condominium.


Academic Certificate in Vulnerable Territories: an interdisciplinary work opportunity for students and teachers 



My neighborhood: complex and diverse habitat 

TEACHER The Center for the Study and Development of Talent, Year  9 Key Stage 3 PENTA UC.


Neighborhood improvement and establishment of close families: interdisciplinary study of feasibility of a public policy proposal at the local level 



Development of methodologies for interdisciplinary work in Vulnerable Territories 






Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC); Santiago, Chile.


Cadaster of social condominiums in height 

RESEARCHER ASSISTANT carried out by the Center for Public Policies for the CEHU Housing Studies Commission of MINVU.





Univertsità Roma Tre, Rome, Italy

Participatory diagnosis with neighbourhood leaders and their families.

Final coursework. An event in which learning is presented to the residents of the neighbourhood. 


Development of adaptations to social housing for blind couple in order to opt for a supplementary disability subsidy. 

ARCHITECTURE  INTERNSHIP. NGO Techo, Definitive Housing Area.


Post-earthquake damage cadastre. 

CATASTRATOR Registration and systematization of damage caused by the earthquake in Talca, Curicó and Santiago. Faculty of Architecture PUC


OpenChapel-Stage for Tres Cruces Community, Coquimbo Region. 

ARCHITECT Design and construction of “Servants For Chile”-PUC In association with LP Products company, prefabricated wooden architectural materials.


Spanish language classes to Haitian immigrants. Volunteer work with Jesuit Migrant Service work material.

Evaluation of different building typologies and land occupation for the construction of family condominiums on their own site.


Volunteer Social Coordinator: Southeast Zone. 

COORDINATOR Coordinator of the Social Habilitation Plan, community projects and coordination of the application for permanent housing in the NGO Techo, the Social Habilitation program. Fourteen slums of the communes: Peñaflor, Talagante, Padre Hurtado, Calera de Tango, Isla de Maipo, El monte.

Interview through neighborhood commented tour.


Slum Social Coordinator: Villa Ferro, Commune of Padre Hurtado. 

COORDINATOR Insertion in the camp and implementation of the Plan of Social Habilitation of NGO Techo. Weekly meetings with the community in the creation and joint planning of community projects and application for a permanent housing project.


Activity with monopoly game with unequal basic conditions and proposal of alternative games that correct the inequalities.


Summer program monitor for children at social risk. 

MONITOR El Castillo neighborhood, Santiago. Jesus Child Foundation


House evaluation of families of the Emergency Housing Line NGO Fundación Vivienda. House evaluation of families of the Emergency Housing Line


Diagnosis of housing and training for residents on housing improvement subsidies. 

INTERVIEWER joint work of the School of Design and Architecture PUC with the municipality of Maipú.