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My neighborhood: complex and diverse habitat


My neighborhood: complex and diverse habitat

The workshop is approached from three perspectives: philosophical, economic and spatial. It aims to enable students to understand the conformation of our built environment "the city in which we live" and the importance of civil society in the co-construction of our habitat. It seeks to expose students to the multiple variables that influence the shaping of the city in its different spatial scales (building, neighbourhood, commune and region) and how they interrelate. Each class deals with a different theme, contrasting the closest environment known to the children (their home, neighbourhood and immediate surroundings) with a larger one: the metropolis (Santiago) and its geographical environment, in order to understand that the same themes have an impact on both small and large scales.

With the aim of strengthening the capacities of Chilean children and young people with the potential to manifest academic and creative talents, PENTA UC has created an educational space for extracurricular enrichment aimed at schoolchildren from 6th grade to 4th grade, whose abilities are located at the higher ends of the distribution in different fields of knowledge.

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